Good for the planet

Imagine you just planted a tree at home. Beautiful, good for the animals and more shade for the coming heat wave. But you also hear that the beautiful avenue of trees in the area is being cut down. Sigh. You often take the train to work. But the bus to the station is always just too late to catch your transfer. So, then end up leaving an hour earlier. You want to go on holiday sustainably. But you can't afford the train ticket... however, you can afford the plane ticket. You do your part for the climate and the environment, but bump into hurdle after hurdle, annoyance after annoyance. Recognisable?

How you travel and how much it costs, what your environment looks like and whether you can have a say in that, all of that is political. We want to ensure that the ecological choice is also the easiest and cheapest. No more stalling and half measures. Time for courageous politics that does what is necessary.

For example, you choose public transport because it is faster, more comfortable and cheaper. There will be more buses and trams, which also run regularly. You know that you will catch the train, because it runs on time and several times an hour. On holiday in Europe? Even then you can easily choose the train: affordable and easy to book. A healthy bike ride to school? That is possible, because there are safe cycle paths everywhere.

We don't cut down our forests, we expand them. In this way we protect ourselves against heat and dirty air. They are healthy for our environment and a home for the animals. Drought and floods also don't stand a chance. We restore our swamps and make our cities and municipalities greener again. When you step outside at home, you are in a pleasant street, with trees and green squares. A street where your children can also enjoy playing outside.

Heating your house, cooking, binging series? It all happens with renewable energy. We are strengthening our offshore wind and working on green hydrogen. We install solar panels on every government building and ensure that everyone can benefit from the benefits of green energy.

We ensure clean seas and rivers. Disposable plastics are a thing of the past and chemical pollution is no longer allowed. Repairing and reusing will be the norm of our economy. In this way we also create tens of thousands of sustainable jobs. Belgium is full of people with strong ideas to tackle the climate crisis. Our companies are bursting with experience to implement them. What are we waiting for to fully play all that out?

A world in which we can feel good: that's what we're aiming for. All together. Because a healthy planet benefits everyone.

With Groen, we want to ensure that the ecological choice is also the easiest and cheapest.

We want to encourage you to choose cycling or  public transport more often - because it is healthier, more comfortable and cheaper. We don't cut down our forests and nature, but expand them. We put a stop to disposable plastics and chemical pollution. Heating your home, cooking, binging series: all with renewable energy. And we create tens of thousands of sustainable jobs in the process, too.
A healthy planet benefits everyone.